Do You Think DNA Can’t Be Recovered from Spent Shell Casings? With FRISC®, it’s Time to Think Again.

Leslie Parke, PMP, CQA
Director, Forensic DNA Laboratory

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For years, investigators have relied on spent shell casings to identify the type of gun used in a crime, but they have believed that those same casings were unlikely to yield DNA that could be used to identify the shooter. It’s time for some new thinking about spent shell casings and DNA.

The research team at SigSci’s Center for Advanced Genomics, in collaboration with our accredited DNA casework laboratory, has developed and validated the FRISC™ method for maximizing DNA recovery in both yield and quality from fired shell casings.

What is FRISC?

FRISC is an optimized DNA extraction process that is facilitating greater levels of DNA typing success. While not all fired shell casings will have detectable amounts of DNA, when there is sufficient quantity, the FRISC process can enable successful DNA testing. If, after extraction, the quantification results are very low, SigSci will communicate this outcome with their client and recommend stopping the process prior to DNA analysis (“stop at quant”).

#1 Special Seal to stop gunpowder residue on inside of casing from contaminating sample. #2 Streamlined handling to avoid DNA loss. #3 Proprietary buffers to rapidly extract and preserve DNA without diluting sample.
Ready to FRISC your spent shell casings? 

Complete a Case Submission Form and ship the evidence via any traceable courier (e.g., FedEx, UPS).

How much does FRISC cost per shell casing?

The price per casing is slightly higher than more traditional sample types due to the additional handling steps required to maximize DNA recovery. In a “stop at quant” scenario where DNA analysis is not performed, the price is reduced accordingly. Volume discount pricing is available.

Need the shell casings returned for ballistics testing?

We expedite their return after DNA extraction is completed.

Does FRISC really work?

Our DNA casework laboratory has generated profiles from spent shell casings that have been uploaded to CODIS and resulted in convictions.

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